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“Getting to know the people and experience the cultures was the best part of the trip. We didn’t feel like tourists; instead, we felt like guests. Being a spectator in a new country may open your eyes, but being a participant will open your heart. And we certainly have come away with open hearts.”

Kate & Robert Goldhouse (Washington, USA)

VegVoyages focuses on cultural immersion, local interaction, and of course – eating lot’s (and lot’s) of vegan food along the way! We travel in a way that appreciates cultures and lifestyles that differ from our own. We respect local cultures and customs rather than imposing ourselves on them. We don’t compare our destinations to our home countries and encourage our fellow travelers to do the same and remember that cultural differences and standards are quite unlike what you may be used to – but that’s all part of the adventure.

“VegVoyages is the best travel company I have ever experienced. They truly want you to immerse yourself in the culture of a country and they accomplish this!”

Shirley Dominguez (Connecticut, USA)

We feel it is important to make travel and discovery beneficial for everyone – our guests and the people and places we visit. We regularly visit with our groups to raise awareness and contribute to several worthy causes. From helping keep rural schools running by providing books and other materials to assisting in funding for grassroots animal rights and care organizations. We actively support grassroots animal rights and social organizations that make a difference in their communities. When you join a VegVoyages adventure you are helping to make a difference as part of the cost of everyone of our adventures goes directly to these groups and their causes.


“We loved the different varieties of foods each night – it was such an adventure to try new ways of enjoying different veggies. Thank you!”

S. Shamim (British Colombia, Canada)

VegVoyages believes that food and drink are an important part in understanding a destination’s heritage, culture and lifestyle. Mouthwatering vegan cuisine that highlights the distinctive local ingredients and cooking styles of each destination compliment all our adventures – all vegan, and all already included in your tour price.

“We had good fun, great laughs, fantastic music and the most tasty and enjoyable food ever – truly a culinary feast. Many, many thanks for a fantastic holiday!” Debra Doherty (London, UK)

Whether visiting a popular local veggie café or enjoying the simple pleasure of a sweet mango at a roadside stall – our goal is to bring you the very best of vegan Asia! For more details on the food served on a VegVoyages adventure, please see our Don’t Forget About the Food page.


“It’s hard to capture 16 full days of brand new experiences into words. 16 days where every turn, every new event, brought never before seen images to light. New smells and tastes from cuisines so real, so authentic, they were only experienced at the good fortune of welcome invitation into local villagers kitchens and to a seat beside them in their homes… Your tour has brought new understanding of different religions, of cultural differences so beautiful they should be celebrated, and a firsthand experience of the kindness of humanity that crosses the barriers of race, language, and daily customs.”.

Luke and Alta (Seattle, WA)

On a VegVoyages adventure, everyday is unlike the next. We may spend a day exploring an enchanting palace of an ancient Indian desert town; the next day may be spent venturing out on safari into the last natural habitat in the world of the Asiatic Lions; while the next may be spent admiring century’s old sacred temples, mosques, cathedrals, colonial forts and backwater trading outposts or exploring the local underwater marine life around uninhabited tropical islands. Wherever we may be  everyday is an adventure!


“VegVoyages has meticulously planned for us to be in many places that aren’t in the tour books, where other tourists are few and far between, where the local people have not hardened toward & don’t resent outsiders. You simply cannot buy experiences like these at any price. This is a very special experience,  enjoy and learn more than you would have ever thought possible. Thank you!”

Donna & Lou DeLurgio (CA, USA)

There are no hidden charges! In fact, you’ll often spend less on a VegVoyages adventure than if you traveled the same route, standard and taking the same amount of delicious food and drinks on your own. We supply virtually all meals throughout the adventure and even have special “festivity nights” where in addition to dinner – alcoholic drinks, juices, snacks and live music are provided at no extra cost. All entry fees, all guide fees, all entertainment, and all activities such as yoga or tai chi lessons, trekking, kayaking, island hopping, snorkeling tours, desert safari, cooking classes, biking, local dance workshops, language and cultural lessons, and many more are all included in the price of our adventures.


“I have nothing but praise for the VegVoyages tour — I was impressed by the tour’s organization and itinerary, and the variety of interesting and off-the beaten-path activities we engaged in and places we stayed. It was definitely not your run of the mill, cookie-cutter tour!”

Jennifer Campbell (Massachusetts, USA)

Your journey is important to us! We travel to places where we have personally lived and/or worked in and are committed to offering you a personal and unique journey to the places we call home. We realize that most people don’t have the luxury or time to take many holidays, so we believe the ones you do take should be memorable, comfortable, hassle-free and fun!


This is not your standard tour company. The groups are small; the food is amazing; and the care and attention we received is beyond compare. They (VegVoyages) are tireless and provided us with an experience we would not have gotten anywhere else…they also expose you to the people and the culture in a way unlike any other tour company. They obviously love what they do and want to share the world with as many people as possible.”

Kelly Byrne (California, USA)

With VegVoyages, you are not just a number, but a fellow traveler. That’s why we keep to a group size of 14–18 people maximum. The small group size allows us to devote more time to making your adventure unique and personal. With small a group, we are more like a bunch of friends on a journey rather than a tour group.


“Our trip to was amazing. We loved getting to see such a variety of villages and ways of life. We loved how genuine the trip was – we got to see people and situations how they were, not ever “presented” or “sanitized” for us. We don’t know of any way other than with VegVoyages to travel and experience a place in the way we did – eating in local villages, sharing breakfast in local homes, interacting with people we come across strolling through the countryside.”

Melanie & Phil Wood (CA, USA)

We want you to walk away with much more than a few snapshots, postcards and a t-shirt. We strive hard to make sure each of our guests feel like they are part of the destination focusing on cultural immersion and local interaction, so when you leave the country you’ll have a better understanding of its people, history, culture and let’s not forget… cuisine!

It’s important to realize that we do not try to insulate you from the realities of a destination. When you travel with VegVoyages, you should expect to see the country AS-IT-IS. From the pretty to the not so pretty, we want you to experience all the rigors and wonders of traveling in Asia. This is all part of the adventure and we look forward to sharing it with you!

“The beauty of VegVoyages is they expose you to the people and the culture in a way unlike any other tour company”

Kelly Byrne (California, USA)

NOTE: We are not a conventional tour company. We don’t travel from one five star hotel to another. We care about where you stay and try to bring you as close as possible, including in choice of accommodations, to being a part of the destination you are visiting.


All our adventures are vegan, but of course, all travelers are welcome.


Because we like animals so much, we are against the exploitation of animals in any form and we do not use them on our tours for expeditions, rides or safaris. Laws concerning the humane treatment of animals are rarely enforced in the countries we travel and animals can be forced to work long hours under stressful conditions and can be mistreated and live in poor surroundings.

Thank you for your understanding.


Extraordinary, amazing and discovery-filled adventure!

Nan AldersonPA, USA

Definitely not your run of the mill, cookie-cutter tour!

Jennifer Campbell 
Massachusetts, USA

Above and beyond expectations!

Amy Sund Pennsylvania, USA

A unique and unforgettable experience.

Nick Hughes 
London, United Kingdom

You simply cannot buy experiences like these at any price.  This is a very special adventure, enjoy and learn more than you would have ever thought possible.  Thanks!

Donna & Lou DeLurgio
 California, USA