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Ever wonder why people have such a hard time understanding that vegans and vegetarians like to eat too? We all know there's much more to vegan and vegetarian cuisine than salads and side dishes. We like to eat and we know you do too. We also know that when traveling it can be difficult to find good pure vegan and vegetarian food if you are not familiar with the area.

If you're like us, you look forward to exploring new lands, you crave adventure, like having fun and love great food, but don’t necessarily want to spend all your valuable vacation time searching for a tasty vegan or vegetarian meal. At VegVoyages, we understand this and we invite you to join us experience different cultures – vegan and vegetarian style!

A VEGVOYAGES ADVENTURES IS JUST THAT – AN ADVENTURE! We want you to walk away with much more than a few snapshots. We strive hard to make sure each of our guests feel like they are part of the destination, so when you leave the country you'll have a better understanding of its people, history, culture and let’s not forget... cuisine!

NO HIDDEN COST. There are no hidden costs on our adventures. Everything described in our adventure itineraries are included in the price of our tours. This includes all accommodations, almost all (if not all) meals, all entry fees, all transport within the country the adventure takes place in and all entertainment, cultural programs and activities mentioned in our itineraries including yoga lessons, cooking classes, trekking, boating, island hopping, snorkeling, desert safaris, biking, live music and dance and much more. Many other companies charge a “local payment” in addition to their advertised price - VegVoyages does not so there are no surprise charges.

In addition, an underlining commitment of VegVoyages is to actively support grassroots animal rights and social organizations that make a difference in the communities we travel to. Whether it is a hospital for local street animals, a rural village school, an orphanage, a refuge and rehabilitation center for abused and exploited animals or an organization that helps those with disabilities who otherwise could not afford it – when you join a VegVoyages adventure, you are helping to make a difference as part of the cost of everyone of our adventures goes directly to these groups and their causes.

WHICH TRIPS ARE VEGAN? Over ninety percent of our adventures are Vegan, but of course, all travelers are welcome. All VegVoyages’ vegan adventures are indicated by a vegan symbol that appears on the itinerary page of each of our vegan adventures.

VegVoyages offers standards of accommodations, activities, meals and transport on a daily basis that other similarly priced companies do not. We don’t pile you on overcrowded local buses or stay at shared bathroom facilities. We use modern air-conditioned vans or cars on all our adventures. If we do need to use local transports such as buses or train, we make sure the ones we choose are air-conditioned and as comfortable as possible. We also use private boats provided just for our group in places where boat travel is necessary.

Our accommodations are always unique, clean and comfortable and highlight the local lifestyle and architecture. We supply virtually all meals throughout the adventure and even have special “festivity nights” where in addition to dinner – alcoholic drinks, juices, snacks and live music are provided at no extra cost. Activities such as yoga lessons, trekking, kayaking, island hopping snorkeling tours, desert safari, cooking classes, biking and many more are all included in the price of our tours.

Everything mentioned in your adventure itinerary is included in one set price, so there are no surprise charges to any guests. Simply compare what you get on a VegVoyages Adventure with what you get for a similar tour at a similar price from other companies and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that a VegVoyages Adventure is a true value for your money!


On a VegVoyages adventure, everyday is unlike the next. We may spend a day exploring an enchanting palace of an ancient Indian desert town; while the next day may be spent venturing out on safari into the last natural habitat in the world of the Asiatic Lions. One day may be spent admiring century’s old sacred temples, mosques, cathedrals and colonial forts and outposts while the other day may be spent kicking back on the white sandy beaches of a tropical island or discovering the local underwater marine life around uninhabited islets.

Wherever we may be, VegVoyages also prides itself on providing our guests plenty of activities – which are all already included in the tour cost! So there’s always plenty to do and plenty of fun to be had! Whether its deserts, beaches, rainforests, remote outback villages, safaris or snorkeling trips, everyday is spent doing something new - and everyday is an adventure!

We love our job and nothing makes us happier than sharing our enthusiasm and affection for the destinations we travel to with you! At VegVoyages, your journey is important to us! As a family owned company, we believe in focusing on destinations we know best.  We don’t have 100 destinations to choose from. We travel to places where we have personally lived and/or worked in and are committed to offering you a personal and unique journey to the places we call home. We realize that most people don’t have the luxury or time to take many holidays, so we believe the ones you do take should be memorable, comfortable, hassle-free and fun!

We love to eat and we know you do too! VegVoyages believes that food and drink are an important part in understanding a destination’s heritage, culture and lifestyle. Mouthwatering vegan and vegetarian cuisine that highlights the distinctive ingredients and cooking styles of each region compliment all our adventures. You’ll get to experience local styles of cooking unique to our destinations – all vegan or vegetarian, and all already included in your tour price.
It could be a delectable feast at a remote palace in the badlands of Rajasthan, India, a spicy coconut based curry on the beach overlooking the South China Sea on Tioman Island, Malaysia, a fiery Thai fusion dinner at a local diner in Thailand, a delicious steamed salad with a spicy peanut dressing in Ubud, the cultural heartland of Bali – Indonesia, or a simple but healthy vegan meal in a small village on the banks of the mighty Mekong river in Laos.
Whether visiting a popular local veggie café or enjoying the simple please pleasure of a sweet mango at a roadside stall – our goal is to bring you the very best of vegetarian and vegan Asia!

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