Laos – Wat Tomo
Mr. Kouvang


A VegVoyages Adventure is just that – an Adventure!

Founded in 2004 by 3 people, from 3 different countries and 3 different religions, their diverse backgrounds, combined with their passion for people, animals, history and cultures, create adventures like no other!

At VegVoyages, we want you to walk away from your adventure with much more than a few snapshots – we want you to become part of the destination and leave the country with a better understanding of its people, culture, history and let’s not forget…fantastic food!

VegVoyages off-the-beaten-track tours focus on cultural immersion, local interaction and of course, eating lots of mouthwatering local vegan cuisines along the way. Founded in 2004 by 3 people, from 3 different countries and 3 different religions, their diverse backgrounds, combined with their passion for people, animals, history and cultures, create adventures like no other – where you not only visit the region’s fascinating sights, but also learn the local way of life, traditions and customs while enjoying 100% local vegan food.

VegVoyages is against the exploitation of animals in any form, and do not use animals on their tours for rides or safaris and no visit to zoos or “animal parks”. A founding principle was and is to create 100% cruelty free travel experiences in which no living beings (human or animal) is exploited in any way. Our aim is to provide you with exciting and unique “off-the-beaten-track” vegan adventures.

We love our jobs and are passionate about sharing our excitement and affection for the countries our adventures run in. This is why we only go to destinations where we have personally lived and worked in and know closely; that way you get first hand knowledge of the region, its people, its cultures – and of course, its cuisines.

“Thank you for taking us on the biggest adventure of our lives! We enjoyed every moment of the story and learned so much about Thailand’s rich culture and beautiful people. The experiences we had brought Mike and I closer to each other and to the Thai people we got to know. We now have the courage to continue exploring this wonderful world – hopefully with you guiding us!”

Mike Trabert & Julia Mullis (Texas, USA)

Responsible travel and giving back to the communities we visit is a founding principle and philosophy at VegVoyages. We feel it is important to make travel and discovery beneficial to everyone – our guests and the people and places we visit. As part of VegVoyages’ aim to bring people closer to the destination we are in, we regularly visit with our groups to raise awareness and contribute to several worthy causes. From helping keep rural schools running by providing books and other materials to assisting in funding for grassroots social welfare, animal rights and care organizations. For us travel is not only our business, but a way to do something – however modest it may be – to help communities, people, animals and other causes we believe in. In addition to direct help, we also always try to use locally grown produce and ingredients for our meals, hire local guides, cooks, drivers, etc., stay in locally owned accommodations and conduct our adventures in an eco and community friendly way as possible.

An adventure with VegVoyages is not your typical holiday or package tour, and we don’t hand your trip off to agents. Instead, every one of our adventures we oversee personally to ensure that you get the best adventure we possibly can offer. Our goal is to provide you with much more than just a holiday, but a real life experience. For the duration of your adventure, our objective is to take you as far away from your world as possible and completely immerse you into the culture, customs, traditions and daily life of another.

“Sign me up for another VegVoyages. There is nothing to compare! I must say that it is (still) the most exciting and fantastic tour I have been on or could ever dream!…What filled our souls was the immersion in the images, sounds, colors, smells, people and life in the real India’s towns, large and small, that (VegVoyages) shared with us. It is impossible to convey the personal impact of this tour. It was amazing! Thank you so much.”  

Joanie Perciballi (Florida, USA)

We don’t attempt to insulate you from the realities of a destination. When you travel with VegVoyages, you should expect to see the country as it is.  We want your accommodations to be unique – a destination in themselves. We care about where you stay and try to bring you as close as possible, including in choice of accommodations, to being a part of the destination you are visiting. Our accommodations vary depending on where we are, but they are always clean and comfortable. We may stay in a centuries-old royal haveli (mansion) or private palace in the badlands of Rajasthan, or at a peaceful eco-retreat nestled among some of the oldest mountains in all of Asia. We may stay in a wood beachfront cabana on a tropical island, at a charming locally owned bed and breakfast in a colonial-era villa, or in a remote village as guests of a local family where time goes by much as it has for centuries. Wherever we may be, we always try to stay in places that capture the region’s charm and uniqueness and bring you closer to the destination.

Also with VegVoyages, vegans are no longer the odd-ones-out. No more having to “go hungry” and subsist on salads and side dishes. We love to eat, and we know you love to eat too – that’s why food plays an important part in all of our adventures! Tasty, spicy, sweet or sour – our pure vegan food highlights the culinary traditions of each of our destinations so no more having to “go hungry” and subsist on salads and side dishes. Every one of our adventures is designed to introduce you to some of the tastiest vegan food that we have found in the region. From market stalls, local cafes, private home-cooked meals and popular neighborhood restaurants – you’ll be sure to enjoy the gastronomic delights of each country you visit. You’ll even learn to make some of these delicacies in cooking classes that are part of every VegVoyages adventure.

The aim of every one of our adventures is for the rich tapestry, history, culture, way of life and cuisine of the region to come to life for our fellow travelers, which you’ll pleasantly find is often quite different from where we come from. It’s another world from what most of us may be used to, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

“We cannot thank or praise you enough for an absolutely wonderful trip. Every day brought new experiences, well planned and timed and enriched by the presence of Singhii with his confident, professional and caring team. The Vegvoyage experience took us ‘behind the scenes’ to experience the ‘real India’ …and what an experience that was!! If you want to immerse yourself in India go with Vegvoyages! Thank you all so much for an unforgettable experience.”

Mary Jermyn (Dublin)

Transport on a VegVoyages adventure varies from place to place. It could be in a traditional village boat floating down river to the sounds of local village life along the water’s shores or cruising along the banks of a peaceful lake where glimpses of a bygone era fill the sights and sounds in an almost half-millennium year old lakeside city. It could be navigating the sea by local boat out to remote uninhabited islands or traversing the back alleys of an ancient temple town by rickshaw (tuk-tuks) where colorful bustling bazaars and roadside vendors selling everything from local savories to herbal remedies are the norm. It could be traveling over the barren desert of Rajasthan in an open top jeep or enjoying the tranquility of a world heritage protected national park bird sanctuary by bicycle. Whatever form of transport we use though, whether traveling by jeeps, vans, rickshaws, trains, buses, boats, bicycles or songthaews – we strongly believe that getting there is half the fun!

On our adventures, we like to travel in a way that appreciates cultures and lifestyles vastly different from our own. We respect local customs and cultures, rather than imposing ourselves on them. And it’s important to note that cultural differences and certain “standards” may be quite different from what you may be used to – but that’s all part of the adventure. Though sometimes it may be trying, it will always be exhilarating – and we guarantee you will fully appreciate the destination.

PLEASE NOTE – ALL VEGVOYAGES ADVENTURES ARE 100% CRUELTY-FREE: VegVoyages does not use animals on our tours for expeditions, rides and/or safaris, nor do we visit any zoos or other locations where animals are exploited. A founding principle of VegVoyages from the very beginning was and is to create cruelty-free travel experiences in which no living being is exploited in anyway, shape or form. Thank you for your understanding and thank you very much for taking the time to read about our adventures…

“It’s hard to find words to describe how much we enjoyed the Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures and Cuisines of Malaysia tour 2015. Zac, you are such a wonderful person and guide. Your love of what you do came through in the knowledge that you imparted on us and the rapport that you have with all of the contacts we made along the way. I resonate with your beliefs and what VegVoyages stands for. Our immersion was more than a holiday. You gave us great insight into all aspects of Malay life. We have come away far richer than we ever would have thought. Thank you for your time and patience”

Bill, Adrienne and Emma Crossen (New Zealand)