VegVoyages Vegan Sumatra Adventure is here…


All of us at VegVoyages are very excited to welcome all travelers for upcoming Sumatra Adventures. This year is our first year for Sumatra. After a long wait, it is like a dream comes true to finally able to bring this amazing adventure out there for our travelers.

Sumatra is close to our heart, this is where our families are from. You will meet our mothers, fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins (many of them), friends and neighbors. It is a very personal journey for us and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

The First Ever VegVoyages Sumatra Adventure on 27 June – 12 July, 2015 is already SOLD OUT.

More spaces are available on the Second VegVoyages Sumatra Adventure on 15 – 30 August 2015.

Review the amazing itinerary at

We hope to see you there!

-VegVoyages Team-

VegVoyages Laos Adventure 2014

Hello Travelers!….

Today, we are welcoming our travelers for Laos Adventure. It is one of our all-time favorite trip. Laos has a very special place in our heart. Please follow us on Facebook ( to see our journey along the Mighty Mekong river and discover the warmth, enchanting land of this one-time Lan Xang (Million Elephants) Kingdom.

-Your VegVoyages Team

Laos 2014 Adventure – Mekong Moment

While VegVoyages Thailand team is getting ready to welcome the group, we are also preparing for the upcoming Laos adventure which is starting about 6 weeks after Thailand trip ends. Emails has been going back and forth to re-confirming all arrangements. Our local guides, hotels, restaurants, friends and families that we’ll be visiting are all excited to welcome all travelers on November 18 – December 5, 2014. 

Last year we had such an amazing adventure in Laos. We were very lucky to have great travelers. Everyone came with open eyes and open mind (that’s Zac’s mantra by the way :-)) and I believe we all came back home with a whole new way of looking at life.  It would be very difficult to forget all the experiences and memories of our Laos trip.

We would love to invite you to join us in Laos this year!… Read your itinerary and get your space on Laos Adventure – Mekong Moment; in the Land of a Million Elephant. November 18 – December 5, 2014.

Rushing river, secluded villages, hidden caves, amazing food.

Rushing river, secluded villages, hidden caves, amazing food.



Getting Ready for VegVoyages Thailand!

In one week, VegVoyages’ Terrific Taste of Thailand adventure will start. We are very excited to meet everyone! VegVoyages Facebook page (

VegVoyages Thailand

VegVoyages Thailand Adventure

will be busy showing all the activities that we will be doing on the trip, so we hope everyone keeps checking our posting. Most travelers booked this trip since a year ago, so the waiting time is almost over because in one week, Thailand adventure will start.

If you are not with us in Thailand this year, not too early to start looking for next year….

See you there :-)

Counting the Days…

August 24: We are busy printing itineraries and counting the days where we’ll be welcoming all VegVoyages Thailand travelers in Bangkok. There are so many exciting activities and experience that we’ll be having and we can’t wait to share this amazing country with you. See you soon!