Getting Ready for VegVoyages Thailand!

In one week, VegVoyages’ Terrific Taste of Thailand adventure will start. We are very excited to meet everyone! VegVoyages Facebook page (

VegVoyages Thailand

VegVoyages Thailand Adventure

will be busy showing all the activities that we will be doing on the trip, so we hope everyone keeps checking our posting. Most travelers booked this trip since a year ago, so the waiting time is almost over because in one week, Thailand adventure will start.

If you are not with us in Thailand this year, not too early to start looking for next year….

See you there :-)

Counting the Days…

August 24: We are busy printing itineraries and counting the days where we’ll be welcoming all VegVoyages Thailand travelers in Bangkok. There are so many exciting activities and experience that we’ll be having and we can’t wait to share this amazing country with you. See you soon!