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What People Are Saying About Our Adventures

“Zac and Yusi, I’ve finally settled at home and had time to unpack and start to process the amazing experience Alta and I had with you in Sumatra. Before we left Seattle, we knew that the trip was your first with a group to Sumatra. We were excited to be among the first to experience this new itinerary.

It’s hard to capture 16 full days of brand new experiences into words. 16 days where every turn, every new event, brought never before seen images to light. New smells and tastes from cuisines so real, so authentic, they were only experienced at the good fortune of welcome invitation into local villagers kitchens and to a seat beside them in their homes.

Your “Finding Serendipity on the Island of Sumatra” tour has brought new understanding of different religions, of cultural differences so beautiful they should be celebrated, and a firsthand experience of the kindness of humanity that crosses the barriers of race, language, and daily customs.

More than anything, this tour filled our hearts. It filled them with hope. Hope that others can experience this tour and realize that despite our differences, we are the same in many ways. We all laugh. We all cry. We all have hopes and dreams. Our hearts were filled with the love from the locals who opened their homes to us. With the pride they had in their heritage, customs, and culture. We were touched to the point of tears…… multiple times on this trip.

Seeing orangutans in the wild will live in my memory for the rest of my life. It is an experience I will never forget. But the people of Jakarta, Balige, Bukit Lawang, Bukittinggi, Medan, Desa Minang, and all the others we met while in Sumatra will live in our hearts forever.

We are SO THANKFUL we got to experience Sumatra with you. You think of every detail. Seriously. Every detail. You make traveling so easy. All we have to do is show up, and you take it from there. I’m still trying to figure out where to get water without Zac! This review cannot do justice to the amazing time we had, but I hope that our continued business and support will convey our love of your company. Until next time!”

Luke and Alta (Seattle, WA)

“Terima kasih banyak-banyak dari Bill, Adrienne dan Emma Crossen.
It’s hard to find words to describe how much we enjoyed the Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures and Cuisines of Malaysia tour 2015. Zac, you are such a wonderful person and guide. Your love of what you do came through in the knowledge that you imparted on us and the rapport that you have with all of the contacts we made along the way. I resonate with your beliefs and what VegVoyages stands for. Our immersion was more than a holiday. You gave us great insight into all aspects of Malay life. We have come away far richer than we ever would have thought. Thank you for your time and patience. We can’t wait to join you again in a couple of years for another great journey – it’s going to be hard to share you though as we were very spoilt having you all to ourselves! In the meantime we look forward to reliving our Malaysia experience through compiling scrapbooks and photo albums as well as looking out for newsletters and facebook entries from you. Jumpa lagi :)”

Bill, Adrienne and Emma Crossen (New Zealand) 

“Just another huge thank you for the amazing cultural exposure on our Bali Adventure. I’m now trying to find an Indonesian grocer near Toronto and the pickings are slim! It has been a pleasure to travel without the ‘cookie cutter’ experience and get a real feel for a whole other world!” :)

Jennifer Brown (Toronto, Canada)

“Greetings! I recently returned from 16-day Desert Kingdoms of Rajputana trip. I cannot thank Singhji, his son and VegVoyages team enough for making the trip unforgettable! We celebrate my birthday with cake, music and fireworks. Singhji and his son were such gracious hosts and made sure we all had a great time. They were attentive to our needs and made us feel welcome everywhere. Thanks again. I hope to do another adventure with VegVoyages in the future”

Alison Cozart (Austin, TX)

“Hi Singhji & VegVoyages, Terry and Mary here from Dublin, Ireland. We did the Rajasthan 12 day tour with you in February 2015. We cannot thank or praise you enough for an absolutely wonderful trip. Every day brought new experiences , well planned and timed and enriched by the presence of Singhii with his confident , professional and caring team. The Vegvoyage experience took us ‘behind the scenes’ to experience the ‘real India’ ……and what an experience that was !!! If you want to immerse yourself in India… go with Vegvoyages !!! Thank you all so much for an unforgettable experience.”

Mary Jermyn (Dublin)

“Happy to add my voice to proclaim VegVoyages to be the absolute best. Having recently come back from South India, I am overwhelmed by the amazing memories and stories shared. While it is a “tour” in the traditional sense of lots of sightseeing, lots of information, lots of food – it’s not a typical “tour” in any other way. Truly the most unique and amazing experience that is a credit to the amazing hosts, and you feel more like a much-loved and much-welcomed guest than you do a tourist.”

Marta Garbarek (Australia) 

“Thank you for everything you both did to make traveling through south India so memorable. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the holidays.”

Lindsey Cayer (South Korea)

“It was a truly wonderful trip and thank you so much for everything. You certainly go out of your way to make sure we all have the best experience.”

Vicky Lightfoot (Canada)

“It really was another amazing trip with you guys, I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again for your attentive and thoughtful coordination and for taking good care of us.”

Anke Schwabbauer (Germany) 

“Having recently returned from the ‘Camels, Canines & Cows’ India tour with I want to express my thanks to their team for making it such a wonderful experience! We visited some amazing places (both famous and off the beaten path), the food and accommodations were great, and I felt so inspired by our time volunteering at Animal Aid after 15 days India became a very difficult place to leave. The support and information I received from the team while booking the trip was extensive, and our guide had such a positive attitude along with years of experience which allowed us to relax and enjoy the trip knowing everything was taken care of. If you’re considering traveling with a tour group I highly recommend contacting VegVoyages and requesting a brochure, they have so much to offer! Thanks again for everything!”

Sean Wrobel (Canada) 

“Hi Zac, Looking over all the wonderful foods we ate makes me miss Malaysia so much. On my cooking blog I am going to post lots of photos of these amazing dishes and also try and recreate some at home. And of course I’ll go on and on about how fantastic traveling with VegVoyages was, though I’ll never be able to do it justice. It’s rare that I’m at a loss for words but my mind is so overwhelmed with positive things to say it’s difficult to even know where to start. While there are many, many reasons I would recommend anyone travel with VegVoyages, if I had to pick one it would be having you and Singhji as guides. Your deep respect for these cultures is palpable and it shines through every detail of the trip. Your knowledge of the region’s culture and history was truly staggering. It’s hard to imagine that anyone in the world could know more! And yet, never once did we feel you just showing off your knowledge or were being professorial. Instead, it was clear your goal was to make your wealth of information accessible, and I so appreciated that you wanted us to be engaged and ask questions. Singhji was wonderfully sweet and cheerful. We so enjoyed his yoga classes and all of his funny stories. Just thinking of him makes me smile.

You were also incredibly attentive to our every need. I really hope my dietary restrictions weren’t a huge inconvenience, but if they were, you hid it well. Before the trip I was a little worried that I either wouldn’t be able to eat much or that too much special consideration would be made over me at each meal and I’d just feel really guilty the whole time. Instead, I got the perfect balance. You quietly let me know which items I could not have, which was usually just one or two dishes, so that meant there was plenty of delicious food for me to eat, but I didn’t have to feel guilty about being fussed over too much. For all I know, having me on the trip could have been a real headache, but I appreciate that you didn’t make me feel like I was a huge burden while also making sure I had everything I needed food-wise. And the food was, hands-down, some of the best I’ve ever had in my life!

Besides having you and Singhji as our guides, getting to know the people and experience the cultures of Malaysia was the best part of the trip. We didn’t feel like tourists; instead, we felt like guests. Being a spectator in a new country may open your eyes, but being a participant will open your heart. And we certainly have come away with open hearts. Robert and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we were for our experience. At the Hong Kong airport we spent most of our layover browsing the VegVoyages website figuring out which trip we want to do next (and we do plan to do them all eventually!). I do hope you know I absolutely meant it when I said you can all stay with us when you come to the Boston Vegetarian Festival. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can because we are your new biggest fans. Thank you for taking us on a life-changing journey”

Kate & Robert Goldhouse (Washington, USA) 

“Hello Sofna, I returned from my Indian adventure a couple of weeks back and just wanted to say that it was a truly memorable trip, made even better by the brilliant tour leader Singhji. To experience the vibrancy of this fascinating country and to interact with the local people was a real privilege. Every day had a highlight and our guide had detailed knowledge, which made the experience even better. What particularly impressed me were the extras that were provided free of charge such as bottled water, fruit, map, and teas etc. I would recommend Vegvoyages to anyone who wants to experience a country in the most responsible and ethical way. I’m already looking forward to my next trip!

Andy Jones (West Sussex, UK) 

“Hey Yusi & Zac! Thanks so much for your email and photos. Our hearts are still bursting with gratitude for all that you did for us and shared with us. It’s funny, as someone who writes for a living…I’ve been having trouble finding the right words to do Laos and all of our experiences justice. When people ask us about our trip, I find myself rambling on and on, because I want to convey to them how much we did and how special it was, but the words seem to fall short. But I’m working on it. Miss you both and thanks again for everything. You are exceptional, compassionate, thoughtful human beings and we sing your praises every chance we get.”

Amy Leventhal (San Francisco, USA) 

“I had such a wonderful time in Bali. The people are truly beautiful and so generous of spirit. Learning about Balinese culture through its dance, food, and religion was a highlight of the trip, in addition to experiencing the underwater splendor of the coral reefs of Bali Bay. Spending two weeks with a terrific group of people, led by Yusi, Zac, and Singhji, was the best vacation I could ever dream of – every minute of it was a joy and I cannot wait to return. Of course, the food was absolutely divine, and, as always, my VegVoyages family added so many special touches that only they can provide. This is my third trip with them in as many years – next year will be #4 and I am already counting the days!!!”

Frankie Lynne (California, USA) 

“My husband Greg and I just got back from an amazing 12 days trip to Bali with VegVoyages and VegNews. These guys really know what they are doing. It is like no other vacation I have ever been on. They immerse you into the culture. We are already planning on joining them in Thailand (which we booked and confirmed) and India. That is how much we really enjoyed ourselves.”

Regina & Gregory Rhoa (Pennsylvania, USA) 

“Just back from the most amazing 12-day cultural tour of Bali and Java! So many stories to tell, so many photos to share and so much great camaraderie between the fellow adventurers! Thanks to everyone who made it such a fantastic trip…”

Linda & Barry Reynolds (West Sussex, UK) 

“Hey Zac, we made it safely back to Las Vegas :) Just wanted to thank you again for an absolutely amazing Malaysia trip. The care you took to make sure that we had a great time was appreciated–everything was above and beyond. Thank you!!!!!”

Siri Latina (Nevada, USA) 

“Many thanks to all at Veg Voyages for working so hard to create such a unique and unforgettable experience. Having been on the Malaysia trip now I begin to understand to amount of organization and planning that must go into these voyages. Please also pass on my thanks to Zac and Singhji for all their tireless efforts in making the journey so special. All the best”

Nick Hughes (London, UK) 

“The beauty of VegVoyages is they take you to see all of the must-see monuments (Taj Mahal, palaces, forts, temples, caves etc.), but they also expose you to the people and the culture in a way unlike any other tour company. In Laos, we occasionally ate with locals, attended three Baci ceremonies, visited an orphanage, COPE (provides orthotic/prosthetic devices and rehabilitation services), the Children’s Cultural Center, the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center, etc. Our appreciation of the country was much enhanced by being exposed to these non-touristy venues.”

Kelly Byrne (CA, USA)

“Dear Zach, Singh-ji and the VegVoyages crew, it’s been a little over a week since we finished our wonderful Malaysia tour and I have been missing everyone very much. Thank you for a wonderful tour. I have so many fantastic memories. This was the first tour group I’ve travelled with and I was a little unsure how it would be. Well, VegVoyages filled my expectations and beyond. The tour was incredible. I felt extremely well cared for, really safe and it was so much fun and informative. I felt like I caught a true glimpse in to Laos, the people and their culture.

After the first day I was thinking, “They have thought of everything. They gave us a map, they gave us a veg soap, word of the day, what more is there to come.  The care and concern didn’t stop throughout the whole tour. Thank you again for all your hard work, all your care and concern. VegVoyages gives vegetarians the opportunity to travel on a tour without the hassle of sourcing pure veg food. I am on a mission to save so I can participate in another one of your wonderful tours next year. I love the small group tours so I hope that VegVoyages expands to other countries because I will surely be booking a place.”

Wendy Jenkins (VIC, Australia) 

“I highly recommend traveling with Veg Voyages. We just returned from their 2012 India tour and it was an incredible experience. They go way beyond the regular tourist trap sites and give you a look at the real india. The food was consistently amazing. The tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly and anticipated your every need. Yoga each morning was great! I can’t imagine doing this tour with any other group!”

Bruce Gipe (DC, USA) 

“I just returned from a VegVoyages trip to India and it was by far the best tour I’ve been on! The team at VegVoyages not only provided many unique travel experiences for our group, they executed the trip so seamlessly that all we needed to do is be present, sit back and enjoy. I most definitely will participate in other VegVoyages trips as I am now incredibly spoiled. They took took such great care of us (from arrival to departure)…we were all blessed to spend two lovely weeks in Northern India with VegVoyages as our guides.”

Chandra Petrzelka (CA, USA) 

“I, too, was on a recent VegVoyages trip to India (Feb 2012), and it completely exceeded my expectations. There wasn’t one activity or experience that I wish had been different. They built the itinerary in such a way that each day got better than the last, and things were already pretty great right out of the gate! Sofna, Zac and Singhji were so welcoming, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and focused entirely on the enjoyment of everyone in the group at all times. I grew up in the hospitality business, so I’m no stranger to what it takes to actually provide an exceptional experience, but these guys took everything even a notch higher. We will DEFINITELY travel with them again, and can’t wait for the next adventure. Don’t hesitate to travel with VegVoyages. I know I won’t!”

Amy Leventhal (CA, USA) 

“I’ll happily echo all the wonderful things said in the other review. VegVoyages does a fabulous job of sharing the best of the country with you, from large cities to small villages, historic sites to wonderful local experiences, and everything in between. The adventure leaders are the very best — wonderful, caring, helpful, knowledgeable, attentive, fun, and resourceful. The value is excellent, and it’s such a welcome relief to know that the very delicious meals are sure to be vegan. (Don’t expect to lose weight on your trip, though — the food is wonderful, plentiful and you’ll want to sample it all.) I’ve gone to India and to Laos with them, and both were truly “trips of a lifetime.” I can’t wait for the next opportunity I’ll have to travel with them.”

Nan Alderson (Pennsylvania, USA)

“I just wanted to say that Sybil and I arrived home safely after a long but tranquil journey. Zac had wanted us to drop a line to say we had got home OK and I wanted to reiterate my thanks for a really lovely holiday. I did appreciate all the time and effort that Zac obviously puts into the organization and all the trouble he takes to make sure that everyone is safe and that all their wishes are met. It was lovely to be taken care of so well and the Yoga with Singhji was a very different experience. I will certainly try to follow the DVD and hope to improve. I shall also look back at all the photos I took to trigger the memories of a special holiday. Thank you also for all your help before the holiday and I will certainly think about another one of Vegvoyages trips in the future. Many thanks to you all once again.”

Lynn Shearn (Wilthsire, UK) 

“Sign me up for another VegVoyages. There is nothing to compare! Now that I have been home for almost two months, I feel I can be more objective about my Green Triangle tour and I must say that it is still the most exciting and fantastic tour I have been on or could ever dream! Our small group of friends-to-be visited every major site that any tour bus would have seen, but because of our group’s size, traveling in cars, and our guides’ knowledge and contacts, we visited an abundance of “off the road “up close and personal spots that big tours or solo journeyers would never have the opportunity to see.

We were given a base of background history and insight coupled with simple fun vocabulary sessions. We felt protected and safe and our accommodations were good. We ate (and ate and ate!) an incredible variety of appetizing vegetarian dishes, even learning to cook some ourselves. We were on the move from just beyond dawn to well after dusk, visiting every conceivable impressive historic and scenic landmark and out of the way spot of interest. But what filled our souls was the immersion in the images, sounds, colors, smells, people and life in the real India’s towns, large and small, that Zac shared with us. It is impossible to convey the personal impact of this tour. It was amazing! Thank you so much.”

Joanie Perciballi (Florida, USA) 

“Dear Yusi, Just a quick note to say that I have nothing but praise for the Veg Voyages tour — I was impressed by the tour’s organization and itiniery, and the variety of interesting and off-the beaten-path activities we engaged in and places we stayed. It was definitely not your run of the mill, cookie-cutter tour! Singhji was an excellent guide, very patient, humerous, knowledgeable, and clearly well-liked and respected by the local communities and our various hosts. And the length of the tour, 12 days, was ideal for someone like me, who works full-time and has limited vacation time.

As someone who works in animal protection, it was difficult for me to witness so much animal suffering on the streets, but it helped that we visited the bird sanctuary and the animal rescue group in Udaipur — for me those were two highlights of the trip. I also appreciated the philosophy of not using animals for any of the tours and not going on animal rides, etc. Finally, thank you for providing so well for the two vegans in terms of meals. Thanks again for a great experience in India!”

Jennifer Campbell (Massachusetts, USA) 

“Dear Singhji and Zacji, I LOVE my trip to Rajasthan with VegVoyages and would love to travel with you again. It was obvious that the itinerary was meticulously planned with our utmost comfort, safety and enjoyment in mind. The trip was “gifted” to us each day with great love and joy. I appreciate all of the hard work you did every single day to make this trip wonderful. You are two of the nicest, loveliest people I have ever met! I love you! You can use me as a reference for future participants.”

Joan Learner (North Caroline, USA) 

“We cannot thank you all at VegVoyages enough for making our trip to India one of a lifetime and one we’ll never forget. We found Rajasthan to be a particularly lovely state. The people were so friendly and warm in amidst the poverty and poor conditions that some of them have to endure every day. It was a very thought provoking trip. Zac and Singhi were fantastic hosts and organizers and we’d love to do another trip with them some time. Your attention to detail is wonderful and we appreciate all the hard work that goes into the trip.”

Linda Reynold (West Sussex, UK) 

“I had an amazing experience in India and cannot thank you, Singhji, and Zac enough for organizing such a great trip. I plan to share my experience and promote your trips to the veg community in my area. I’m looking forward to joining another Veg Voyages adventure in the near future!”

Gloria Goebel (Florida, USA) 

“It is a few weeks since we returned from India and I am still overwhelmed by all we did and saw. Jim and I have traveled for four decades now and this was truly the best trip we have ever taken. We have never done an organized tour, and we were unsure how it would go – now we are totally spoiled and will never travel the same again. Since I usually plan our trips, I really appreciated that I had nothing to do but take it all in and enjoy! Thank you all for providing such a unique and fantastic experience. Similar to Greg Mortenson promoting peace one school at a time, I think you are doing the same with one traveler at a time – experiencing another culture as we did really deepens our understanding of the world and its people. Thank you for that!”

Kelly & Jim Byrne (CA, USA) 

“I’m sending enthusiastic thanks and praise to you and Zac and Singhji for a fabulous adventure. I’m still coming off my India “high” and trying to delay a full return to “regular life for as long as possible. As a friend of mine once said, the body may have arrived back in the states, but the soul is still traveling. I had such a wonderful time and enjoyed all the incredible opportunities you made possible for us throughout our journey. It was great to be able to see not only the cities and historic sites, but also the villages and schools and temples, and to have an opportunity to explore each place. It was the people, though, that made the biggest impression on me, and made the adventure so special.

Once again, my sincerest thanks to you — for a wonderful and eye-opening experience, for all the warm hospitality extended to us, for sharing a beautiful and amazing country in a way that far exceeded my expectations, for memories that will be with me for the rest of my life, and for introducing me to some wonderful fellow travelers that I hope to keep in touch with for a long time. Please let me know when your plans for a southern India adventure are in place, as I’d love to explore there and know that going with VegVoyages will guarantee the kind of adventure I want!”

Nan Alderson (Philadelphia, USA)

“It has been 6 months since my husband and I have been to India on the VegVoyages trip around Rajasthan, and we haven’t stopped speaking of it since. I have been meaning to write to you to say thank you all this time – it is hard for me to believe so many months have passed. It was truly the best trip I have been on. I have been to many places, and no experience compares to the one we had with VegVoyages. The adventures we had, the places we visited, the people we met, the food we ate, and everything we did was all wonderful beyond words. Everything was so organized and well planned. My husband, Jon, and I don’t have anything but great things to say about VegVoyages. The trip was above and beyond expectations. Thank you again, and we would love to join VegVoyages for another journey someday!”

Amy Sund (Pennsylvania, USA) 

“It was great! The best cultural immersion experience I’ve ever had. You really have to go sometime. You’ll love it. And the food was awesome. Thanks!”

Valerie Howell (Florida, USA)

“Despite only arriving home a couple of hours ago, I couldn’t wait to send through an email and tell you what a wonderful time we had on the tour. We are all richer for the experience and are already planning our next Veg Voyages trip.”

Lyndal, Leif and Ruby (Queensland, Australia)

“The adventure still lingers so vibrantly in my mind as the most amazing traveling experience I’ve had yet. Many thanks!”

Michelle Flynn (California, USA) 

“We all had a wonderful time in Laos. The three trips we have taken with VegVoyages have been by far the best travel experiences of our lives. We want to thank you (Yusi), Zac, Singh-ji and Jay for all the work you’ve done to make our trips so full of beautiful moments and wonderful memories. The Laos trip combined the best aspects of the Malaysia and India trips. We enjoyed the natural wonders of the rivers, caves and waterfalls, and also found the trip very meaningful for the experiences we had getting to know local people and learn about their ways of life. You have outdone yourselves again! Thank you so much for the amazing trip”!

Melanie Wood (California, USA) 

“I have taken many trips in my lifetime but there aren’t any that can compare with this one. Please keep up what you’re doing, you are a credit to the travel industry!”

Beverly McCloskey (Ontario, Canada) 

“I have just had the most fantastic holiday! Zac’s knowledge of Malaysia was a joy to listen to, his attention to detail was fantastic and he made sure we wanted for nothing. I recommend VegVoyages and the Malaysia trip to anyone back home and I would recommend it with pride in my heart. I will be going home with such a load of fond memories. The food throughout our adventure has been fantastic, the most tasty food I have ever had. Thank you all for such a fantastic adventure!”

Ken Dawson (Derbyshire, UK)

“Absolutely fabulous! This far exceeded any expectations and hopes we had before we began. Your dedication to hospitality and service added such a special touch. You both went above and beyond every moment of everyday. We have never been offered such warm, generous hospitality. Thank you! We really appreciate your dedication to environmental, animal and human rights. It is clear you love what you do; that you love India, its people, its culture and its food! While we enjoyed all of the trip, we especially enjoyed the rural villages. The size of the group is very good – small enough to be comfortable and we much appreciate the vehicle experience vs. a bus. We will miss you both – again this has been a fabulous experience! We will see you in Malaysia!!!”

Karissa & Rob Atkinson (WA, USA)

“It was fabulous time! VegVoyages certainly fulfilled every promise made in the brochure; however, the trip was much more than that. VegVoyages has gone to great lengths to provide an authentic, personal and stimulating experience for those who truly want to meet India and its people – not so much the westernized India…but the authentic India that still embraces its thousands year old traditions. VegVoyages has allowed us travelers to meet and interact with their Indian friends and acquaintances who are, in turn, kind enough to allow us to experience their real India, meet real villagers and families, enter real temples, etc… not as tourists, but as guests – in some cases honored guests. VegVoyages has meticulously planned for us to be in many places that aren’t in the tour books, where other tourists are few and far between, where the local people have not hardened toward & don’t resent outsiders. You simply cannot buy experiences like these at any price. This is a very special experience, take it seriously, enjoy and learn more than you would have ever thought possible. Thanks!”

Donna & Lou DeLurgio (CA, USA) 

“This tour was so far beyond any expectation that I can’t truly describe my experiences. I really experienced the true India. The food was excellent; we were able to experience all varieties of Indian cuisine. The accommodations were a real joy and I enjoyed visiting the villages and seeing how the people live. I now have such an appreciation for life within India.”

Milton Swope (CA, USA) 

“Dear VegVoyages, I had an exciting trip on the Buddhas, Beasts, Badlands & Beaches Adventure. I felt like I was in a storybook and went back in time to experience the history of India. Sofna, Zac & Singhji were truly exceptional in helping me and making sure all of the guests had a wonderful experience during the trip. I would highly recommend this adventure trip to anyone who wants to see and experience India’s historic treasures of palaces, beaches and magnificent places. I’ve been to India three times, but I never saw so many nice places with an expert tour leader, who arranged everything. Really all you had to do is relax and enjoy India at a comfortable pace. There is so much to talk about this trip, but I would have to write many pages. I look forward to going on a future VegVoyages trip!”

Vikram Bharadwaja (Virginia, USA) 

“To everyone at VegVoyages, I offer a sincere and hearty thanks for creating an intriguing, educational and fun travel program like Buddhas, Beasts, Badlands & Beaches. I am very impressed by the fact that your travel plan supports vegetarian eating options for travelers, and in addition, promotes sustainable business development for the areas visited. It would be hard for any company to compete with your consistently high standards for great food, comfortable accommodations, and fascinating destinations to explore at reasonable prices. I found the itinerary for Buddhas, Beasts, Badlands and Beaches action packed with interesting cultural sites and activities that gave me a sense of intimate social interaction with local people that is usually not possible on group tours. Experiences like this are extremely rare but they enrich the soul and make traveling a really special experience. Singhji (VegVoyages adventure leader) was a perfect host and guide and added immensely to our experiences. I could go on raving about many aspects of our travel experience and will be telling my friends and family about how much fun I had on the excursion through Rajasthan and Gujarat. Thanks again for the wonderful experience. I’m already thinking about my next travel adventure and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be another one of your tours.”

Marilyn Roy (WA, USA) 

“Hi Yusi and the rest of VegVoyages. We made it home in good shape, and we have lots of nice pictures. I will definitely send some good ones your way once we get them sorted out. The trip to Laos was outstanding in all ways – delicious food, interesting culture, and lots of outdoor adventure! Being able to travel with VegVoyages has added a lot to our lives, and I am sure that in many years when Melanie and I look back at what we did in the early 2000s, the most exciting parts will be the trips that we took with VegVoyages. Thank you for sharing the culture and countryside of Laos with us!”

Philip Wood (CA, USA)

“I enjoyed the whole trip immensely. I am truly for all the paths you chose for us and can confidently say that I have seen the true Malaysia.”

Sam Abbott (British Columbia, Canada)

“I have nothing but praise for the VegVoyages tour. I was impressed by the tour’s organization and itinerary, and the variety of interesting and off-the beaten-path activities we engaged in and places we stayed. It was definitely not your run of the mill, cookie-cutter tour! Singhji was an excellent guide, very patient, humorous, knowledgeable and clearly well liked and respected by the local communities and our various hosts. I also appreciated the philosophy of not using animals for any of the tours and not going on animal rides, etc. Finally, thank you for providing so well for the two vegans in terms of meals. Thanks again for a great experience in India!”

Jennifer Campbell (MA, USA) 

“Hi Yusi, RK and Zac. Just dropping you a line to let you know that we had an awesome vacation!   We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.   It was well organized; super interesting; and there was tons of variety in the activities. We certainly saw a lot more than we would have seen if we had organized the trip ourselves – we had so many unique and memorable experiences. The only things we won’t miss are the Asian toilets! But seriously… it is abundantly evident that you are dedicated to ensuring your guest’s experience is the best it could be.   For that we thank you! It quickly became very clear why you have so many return customers. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure – vegetarian or not! In fact, we’re hoping to see you again on your Malaysia trip in 2011.”

Sylvia & Steve Dolson (BC, Canada) 

“This has to be the best holiday we have ever had!!! We cannot fault the way we were looked after, we always felt safe, we never felt neglected, and we certainly were never hungry! Actually, we never felt we were on holiday with a tour operator/company. It was more like a very, very good friend sharing their enthusiasm for their own country. We always felt we were not just being looked after extremely well, but more like being cared for by a close family member who genuinely cared for both your well-being and your enjoyment. Also, the holiday was very well organized and we were very impressed with the literature and presentation. Thank you very, very much for your genuine and sincere caring attention, you could not have looked after us any better. Please don’t change.”

Richard Forder (Cambridgeshire, UK)

“Thank you! We really enjoyed our trip and especially enjoyed getting to know Singhji. I look forward to going through our 1100 pictures and 5 DVDs we took on our trip so we can recount every moment. It truly was an adventure of a lifetime. Hope to see you for another fantastic adventure!”

Cynthia Bell & Micah Karlicek ( Texas, USA) 

“Our 23 days in India is coming to an end. We have traveled far and seen many fascinating sights. I came here for images but have found more than that in this colorful, exciting and very interesting land! The spirit in the faces of the Indian people is my fondest memory of this beautiful but hard land. Life is not easy for the people and they still keep smiling…it is a land of many mysteries. I am glad I came here. The attention you gave is outstanding – I will give anyone that calls me a wonderful recommendation of VegVoyages. My pictures will not tell the entire story, people will have to come here and see for themselves. This journey has been a memorable image to keep in the fondest place of my mind.”

Helen Stevenson (Pennsylvania, USA) 

“While I was looking for a way to explore India in a manner that would feel more authentic and would bring me closer to the lives of “real” people, nothing prepared me for the magic of VegVoyages. The combination of a well-researched and thought-out itinerary and the constant care and concern of VegVoyages resulted in a trip that covered all the must see places plus constant contact and interaction with many different kinds of people. Our needs were always taken into account, but – most importantly – never in a manner that separated us from the lives of the people. Most tourists will never get to meet and mingle with Rajasthani royalty, local village people, the woman mayor of a small town and members of one of the first environmental protectionist communities among others all in one trip. The depth and breath of our exposure to India was outstanding in everyway. This trip was so much more than I ever imagined it was going to be. I recommend VegVoyages for anyone with curiosity and adventure in their soul. See you again!”

Elaine Albert (CA, USA)

“We had a great time on the holiday – It was just one breathtaking experience!! Many thanks for organizing the holiday – we realize that so much planning must have gone into the trip – it certainly showed in the organization and implementation, and the personal attention we received. Aside from the wonderful food and the sights, we are very happy to have got to know you as friends. We hope and look forward to seeing you all again soon.”

Angelique & Liam (Poland) 

“The trip was incredible! I really enjoyed the rural villages and Rajasthan as a whole. Singhji (adventure leader) went above and beyond to accommodate us. I feel like I saw the real India and not some conjured up version of it. I definitely want to travel with VegVoyages again. The food was also wonderful and the value of the trip was unbeatable. My only request is to add more destinations to your programs, so I can keep traveling with your company!”

Jules Summers (MA, USA)


Karina Odegard (Saskatchewan, Canada) 

“A fantastic introduction to the rich tapestry that is Malaysia! It wetted my appetite for more. I loved the highs of KL’s architecture, the yoga and sandy beaches of the islands, the history and culture and the warmth and beauty of the people. We had good fun, great laughs, fantastic music and the most tasty and enjoyable food ever – truly a culinary feast. The only low point is that it all has to end. I have fond, lasting memories and I look forward to future adventures and hope they live up to the exceptional standards of this adventure; which I’m sure they will. Many, many thanks for a fantastic holiday!”

Debra Doherty (London, UK) 

“After the IVU (INTERNATIONAL VEGETARIAN UNION) Congress which took place in Goa, India I went touring with VegVoyages. VegVoyages provided a truly magical adventure. One of my first concerns about traveling in India was the food. The wonderful thing is that there are so many vegetarians there that vegetarian food is plentiful and easy to find. Vegan food however is not. The vegetarians in India love their ghee (clarified butter) and use it for most cooking along with lots of yogurt and cheese. VegVoyages caters their tours to vegetarians and vegans and makes certain that vegan fare is always available when requested. As a result, there was never any stress about the food and it was always plentiful and very delicious. We were truly treated as royalty! R.K. Singh is a wonderful host. Always smiling, he is filled with joy and takes great pleasure in showing visitors his country. He goes the extra mile to make sure the guests have an unforgettable journey. VegVoyages offers a very unique tour experience. If you have the opportunity to visit India it should be with VegVoyages!”

Caryn Hartglass (Earthsave News) 

“Dear friends at VegVoyages, I am very pleased with the experience I have had with you as adventure organizers. Yes! This was more than travel arrangements. This was a wonderful experience. I consider it the most complete package I have had. The food was great, accommodations were excellent, and the orchestration world-class. I consider it the best value for money. The team was very in-sync and treated us with so much respect and care. If I refer to you as friends, it was because I felt it and I always will. I am looking forward for the next adventure with you in Malaysia!”

Jesus Ortiz Olivo (Puerto Rico)

“Good Job! Great adventures, snorkeling, hiking, sunsets (and sundowners of course)! Thank you for showing us all the “four corners” of Malaysia and then some… from monkey to mosques, we did it all. Thank you for working so hard each day to make sure everything went smoothly for “the team” and then still have time to have a “cool one” with us!”

Jon Abbott (British Columbia, Canada)

“We had no idea what to expect. It’s a first of this type of trip for us. We have been very pleasantly surprised. The food has been a real treat. We got to see parts of India that we would normally have not gotten to see & we appreciate that. Staying at palaces & forts was most exceptional. The children in the villages were so curious and sweet. Zac and Singhji looked out for our every move and we never felt uneasy at any point. We also appreciate the choice in vehicles and drivers who did a great job in delivering us in one piece. Everyone has been so nice. This was a most enjoyable trip. It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. Thank you!”

Arthur & Helen Novsam (Rhode Island, USA)

“I have really enjoyed my stay in Malaysia! The way the trip was organized was very impressive, as was all the care and attention from everybody involved, very professional. It was great to really soak up the atmosphere and the culture of Malaysia, and not have to worry about whether the accommodation would be all right or whether there would be a problem getting the right food. The holiday was exactly what the title described: “Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures & Cuisines”. A real treat! I was very impressed by the range of different meals we were served, and all the care taken to accommodate all the group’s different tastes. All your knowledge of the different locations and cultures was also very educational, we’ve all learned a lot. I will recommend your holidays to everyone at home, and I will definitely see you all again. Thank you for a lovely adventure in Malaysia Sofna, Zac, Singhji & Jay – you’ve all been great!”

David Webb (Surrey, UK)

“I didn’t know that VegVoyages was a close knit family operation, but it was that fact that made this tour so special and sets you apart from other tour companies. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t know exactly what to ask to find out what I was in store for, but the trip was so amazing that any expectations I may have had were exceeded by miles. Thank you all for making available such an outstanding travel experience!”

Jenna Shivji (British Columbia, Canada) 

“This has been a truly wonderful adventure all the way through, from the beginning to the end. I can’t rate Zac’s, Singhji’s & Jay’s attentiveness high enough (that) really puts you at ease so you can enjoy your holiday without any worries or fears, which in itself makes a wonderful holiday. I had concerns over the food (as I don’t tend to like spicy food) but again you provided a fantastic range of cuisine and I must admit my palette has changed! Well done! I have also done things on this adventure that I probably wouldn’t have done if it hadn’t been for Zac and Singhji’s patience and persuasion. Incredible! Boat trips were excellent, well organized and thoroughly enjoyable. The hotels, etc. have been more than adequate, full of character, comfortable and clean. Thank you to you all for a brilliant adventure and for being true friends and thoughtful guides. And yes, we will definitely be back for another adventure! Please, please don’t change your style!”

Jane Forder (Cambridgeshire, UK) 

“It’s been a wonderful 23 days and it’s been great to see such a wide range of places. Favourites were definitely the palaces and it was also really interesting to see the villages and the landscape was amazing. Food has been great throughout and it’s been interesting having different types and styles throughout the trip and a wide range of types of restaurants. Just hope I can at least vaguely recreate some of them when I get home! It’s been a fantastic trip and one that I’ll definitely always remember. It’s amazing to look back and think of all the things we’ve done over the last 3 1/2 weeks! Thanks for looking after us so well and working so hard to make it a wonderful holiday!”

Jude Bennington (South Yorkshire, UK)

“We had a fantastic time! The time has flown by so quickly. The whole experience for me was heightened by the diversity of the tour. This includes the food, accommodation and villages versus city visits. The yoga was excellent, we will continue. Campfire entertainment was very special. Thank you again for sharing this amazing country and your friends with us.”

Connie & Geoff Bruckard (Tasmania, Australia) 

“Zac and Singhji, what a wonderful time I have had on my trip to Malaysia. Your thoughtful, caring and respectful way of looking after the group made me feel very safe and confident. I have laughed and loved everyone and everything (on the tour). Thank you for being you.”

Sybil Mansfield (Sommerseth, UK) 

“In life you build dreams that you wish to accomplish. One of my greatest dreams was to get to know India. Thanks VegVoyages for making this dream come true. I truly lived India. I look forward to do the same in Malaysia. See you soon!”

Noel M. Santiago (Puerto Rico) - VegVoyages North India 2005, Malaysia 2008, Laos 2009

“We have been on numerous tours before but have never received the personalized attention that we had on this trip. We had friends – not tour guides.   The (adventure) far exceeded our expectations. This was definitely the most fun that we’ve ever had on a group tour. We look forward to traveling with you again to Malaysia in the spring.”

Paul & Carol Clothier (Maryland, USA)

“This trip has been the experience of a lifetime! To say it greatly exceeded my expectations is an understatement. I had an absolutely wonderful time. I especially appreciated the outstanding level of personal attention and service, which is unparalleled (even on “luxury” tours!). The places we stayed, sights we saw, and the food were all amazing and I appreciate how much work went into selecting and planning it all. Oh, and Zac, don’t worry that all your historic info that you share is boring – it was really interesting and I don’t usually like history, so this is a big compliment from me, the background information you shared really added a lot. Phil and I are happy to be a referral – we’d give completely enthusiastic recommendations to anyone (and already plan to give them to our friends). We look forward to seeing you in Rajasthan and then anywhere else you go! With deepest thanks for a wonderful trip!”

Melanie Wood (New Jersey, USA) 

“Bahut, bahut Dhanyavaad (Thank you very much in Hindi) to all of VegVoyages for an amazing experience. The trip exceeded any expectations I might have had and is an exceptional value for anyone looking to see and live India. A nice mix of iconic sights as well as real Indian life in the temple towns and villages. I feel that I have come to know some of the India that I have read and dreamed about for so long. From Zac and Yusi to RK, Vijay and Punkaj – professional and caring throughout – thank you all. The food of course was a vegetarian dream and the accommodations truly authentic. “An experience of a lifetime with memories to last beyond”. Namaste. Namaskar. Ram Ram. Phir Milenge (see you again)!”

Don McKenney (Virginia, USA) 

“The tour was fantastic – I loved it all! RK (our adventure leader) was brilliant. It all exceeded my expectations. It was just wonderful – I am now in love with India and can’t wait to come back. I also thought the cost was very cheap for what we got. What was best about the trip was not the palaces, forts, food or hotels, it was the fact that we got time to spend with the local people everywhere we went that was really special. Thank you so much!”

Becky Kent (Campbell Town, Australia) 

“Thank you so much VegVoyages! The research and carefully planned agenda that Singhji and Zac came up with was an incredible balance of historical culture and today’s life in India. We were cared for like royalty and with the various Raja’s palaces and intimate visits with their family and friends we really were royalty. Having traveled in India once before I couldn’t believe how easy our adventure leader made it for us to truly experience day to day life without all the travel hassles that especially in India, take up so much of one’s time. Since I’m not a tour-travel type of person I was amazed with the down to earth places we explored with time enough to integrate with the people without being insulated by a guide and tour bus. I felt like I was with family; as if I was being shown the highlights of my uncle’s favorite places. Our adventure leader RK Singhji was that uncle, an incredibly loveable guy, never wavering from his professionalism, yet always a true friend and continuously looking to accommodate our every desires. Enough said. Thank you again for providing my father and I the time of our life!”

Matt Suby (Colorado, USA)

“Thank you very much for an awesome adventure! I have had so much fun. Singhji has been a really good leader, always there when we needed him and always there with a smile. The places that we have visited were a real experience, especially seeing village life compared to western society. This tour has been a real eye opener for me. Thank very much once again! ”

Tara Thorpe (Australia) 

“Wow! VegVoyages is amazing! Such an experience comes once in a lifetime. The food was without a doubt the best tasting I’ve ever had. Singhji was a great guide and host. More like a traveling companion – really. Thanks again and see you soon. ”

Tom Simpson (Perth, Australia) 

“Thank you for a fabulous introduction to India. Our journey was very colorful and interesting. We appreciated the guidance of Singhji who took great care to see that we were comfortable and well fed. We appreciated also meeting so many different people: schoolchildren, shepherds and princes and seeing their very varied homes. They always seemed to have a smile for us! The trip was very well planned and we felt very safe with the expert drivers Vijay and Pankash and with Singhji of course. We will recommend VegVoyages.”

John & Jo Johnston (Virginia, USA) 

“VegVoyages fulfilled every travel promise and more!! Holy cow! We were treated like a Raj! Our guide RK Singh is a national treasure, an ambassador for India, a teacher and a friend. We are sorry the trip had to end.”

Ken & Charlotte Lightell (North Carolina, USA)

“This was my most enjoyable trip ever! Not only did you take care of every detail to make things run smoothly, but your attention to our needs and comfort was exceptional. Moreover, there were so many pleasant and unexpected surprises to delight and “pamper” us. The accommodations were historic, exquisite and charming. I especially appreciated you sharing your knowledge of history with interesting facts and stories. I feel that I learned a considerable amount about the people, their culture and cuisine – which brings me to an outstanding aspect of the entire experience. The food and all meals were excellent quality! Terima kasih (thank you in Malay)!”

Sherry Eggers (Indiana, USA) 

“Malaysia wasn’t what we expected. We’re not sure exactly what our expectations were, but they were far exceeded! The food was even better than your India trip. The variety of city, beach and jungle was timed just right. We look forward to traveling with you again!”

Paul & Carol Clothier (Maryland, USA)

“Thank you both Zac and Singhji. This trip is more than what we expected. It was an adventure, fun and exciting. On our own, we would not have been able to see and experience what we did with your help. Every detail of the trip was meticulously planned and taken care of. You have planned everything very well and everybody got your full attention. You are sure to see us and our family members on your next trips.”

Shanti & Kusum Parakh (Ontario, Canada)

“VegVoyages turned out to be more than I expected – more of India, more variety. I feel we saw what other tours miss. I now have an appreciation of the vastness and vitality of the country and people.”

Elanta Nelson (Hawaii, USA) 

“Once again a fantastic tour! Your attention to details is outstanding. The history and culture of each area comes to life through your explanations and experiences. The food was amazing! Singhji, thank you for all of the yoga sessions, the environment adds so much to the experience. Each place was so unique so I don’t know if I had a “favorite”. The snorkeling was absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for introducing us to the “underwater” world as well as Malaysia. It has been such a pleasure to travel with our friends at VegVoyages again. We look forward to many more trips in the future! Thank you all for making this possible!!! Wherever VegVoyages goes, we will follow!”

Karissa Atkinson (WA, USA) 

“Would you like to travel to a place far away, eat delicious and exotic food, meet friendly people, and enjoy beautiful scenery and historic places? If so, please consider traveling with VegVoyages. We thoroughly enjoyed our VegVoyage to India, and highly recommend it!”

Pam Davis (Animal Advocate, Inc) 

“The Malaysia trip has been outstanding in every way. I was continually impressed at the planning and execution of the trip – every part was better than I had imagined. The trip was outstanding – we will be checking our calendars when we get home so we can sign up for the India trip. Thanks for the great memories!!”

Phil Wood (NJ, USA)

“It’s been a pleasure to be part of this adventure with you Zac & Singhji. I’ve had such a great time. Everything ran smoothly, evidently, you’ve put a great deal of effort into planning all the trips, accommodations, places to eat, etc. Thank you for the mountains of vegan food. It’s been appreciated! It’s all been such a wonderful experience. I’ve learnt a lot from the interesting history that you’ve given us. I’d been looking forward to this since Jude and I first discussed it and I haven’t been disappointed in anyway. I hope to travel with you again. I’ve got lots of fantastic memories.”

Tracy O’Neill (Sheffield, UK) 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the VegVoyages Tour. I am so happy I went on it as I would not have been able to visit some of the great places if I had been traveling alone. The food as a whole has been wonderful. Singhji has been a fantastic tour leader and was always more than happy to help or answer questions. Vicky and Vijay have been great drivers too. I will be recommending the tours to my friends! Thank you!!”

Kristen Allen (Perth, Australia)

“Dear Zac, terimakasih banyak banyak (Thank you very much in Malay) for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm; for the wonderful variety of food; for saving us from the yawning chasms that lurk in every pavement; for teaching Barry to be fluent in Malay; for taking such very good care of us and for introducing us to the joys of snorkeling! Jumpa lagi (see you soon) – very soon!”

Jane and Barry Lidster (UK) 

“Another exceptional tour! Again, I cannot say enough about the level of hospitality. Zac and Singhji go above and beyond what is needed to ensure their guests are well taken care of. Also, the forethought put into accommodations and food quality selection makes for a unique and exciting experience. I could say much more, but of course, I waited until the last minute to write this. Thank you again for introducing me to another new and exciting corner of the world!”

Rob Atkinson (WA, USA) 

“Thank you for a marvelous trip! We had a wonderful time and would recommend VegVoyages to anyone. We’ve learned a great deal about India and appreciated the opportunity to see aspects of the country and culture, which the average tourist may not. Everyone was friendly and hospitable and we felt very welcome.”

Janet & Russell Devlin (Victoria, Australia) 

“It’s been fantastic to be back on another VegVoyages and it’s been totally wonderful – AGAIN! Thank you once again for an absolutely wonderful holiday. It’s been wonderful traveling with you again. The trip has definitely made me realize I need to spend a lot more time exploring South East Asia. I’ve definitely got the island bug now. It’s been great having such a mixture of different activities and terrains. The food has been fantastic yet again, but especially interesting this time as there were so many things that I hadn’t had before. Thanks to both of you – been so good to see you again and I’ve enjoyed it so much.”

Jude Bennington (UK)

“This is one of the best trip I’ve been on. It has changed my opinion about tours. This felt more like traveling with friends – that know where and what they’re doing – rather than with tour guides. The experience was not only loads of fun, but definitely a learning experience. I feel like I have a true introduction to the country and its people, both enjoyable and overwhelming…I would not change a thing. This trip has encouraged me to further explore the surrounding countries. Thanks for everything!”

Anh Hong (California, USA) 

“We purposefully didn’t have a set list of expectations for our tour in India because it would certainly defy expectations, which it did, in the best of ways. Everything – accommodations, staff, transportation and food – was wonderful and the trip was a success in every capacity. Everything about the trip was wonderful. There is no way an independently-planned trip to India could see so much of Rajasthan in the same amount of time. Thanks so much for everything!”

Bryan & Heather Sandala (North Carolina, USA) 

“I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to see India, and not just the India tourists see. As a vegan and as a woman traveling alone, the VegVoyages tour was a perfect fit because you gave me security and true peace of mind from safe lodging and travel to ordering the right food. Visiting the villages, home visits and family meals were great! Not only did you surpass every expectation I had for this trip, but you gave me an intimate experience of India which I will forever be grateful for. My only wish would be that you continue doing tours & creating more tours – so I can see more of the world with you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. Take care and hope to see you soon!”

Peggy Goings (San Diego, CA) 

“It was a Great Adventure! Your care and attention was so kind and genuine. I loved the different palace accommodations, eco-retreat and havelis and “our Raj” was so hospitable and gracious – it was indeed a treat meeting him and his family. We also loved the different varieties of foods each night – it was such an adventure to try new ways of enjoying different veggies.   Thank you!”

S. Shamim (British Colombia, Canada) 

“Dear Zac & Yusi, Singhji and Jason, I really enjoyed both of your adventures around India and Laos. Everything was beyond my expectations: the routes were well planned and organized, hotels in some places were better than those I stayed at in Europe, and food was so delicious!   Please, keep on doing what you do and I am looking forward to experience your Malaysia adventure!… I just looked thru my Laos pictures and realized I would like to add more. The trip was so special in many ways: daily Lao new words, evening ceremonies with traditional music and dancing and unforgettable Lao massage!”

Tetyana Pryymak (Denmark) 

“This has been a wonderful experience, much more than we ever expected. We really appreciate all the extra efforts made to make this special for us: the yoga sessions, the selection of unique accommodations full of character. This trip has been fascinating, peaceful and fulfilling. The attention to detail and the thorough pampering you give to your guests has surpassed all of my expectations and I will carry with me friendships and memories. Thank you. We’ll see you again!”

Mike & Pam Golafshar (China) 

“Phil and I (finally) wanted to give some feedback about our Jan 5 – 20 trip to India. This has been on our to do list since we got home, but of course that is a very long list! Our trip to India was amazing. We loved getting to see such a variety of villages and ways of life. We loved how genuine the trip was – we got to see people and situations how they were, not ever “presented” or “sanitized” for us. We don’t know of any way other than with VegVoyages to travel and experience a place in the way we did – eating in local villages, sharing breakfast in local homes, interacting with people we come across strolling through the countryside. We are anxiously awaiting for our next trip with you again!”

Melanie & Phil (CA, USA)

To all our friends…

Bahut, bahut dhanyavaad!


Terima kasih banyak!

(Bahasa Malaysia)

Khawp jai lai-lai!


Thank you very much!


…for traveling with us!